[ros-users] Givving ROS an Official DockerHub Image

Ruffin White roxfoxpox at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 04:50:15 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask the community and the admins if there would be any interest
in making an official ROS repo for the Docker Hub Registry

I've been using ROS with Docker <https://www.docker.com/> for a while now,
and I've found it really helpful for my ROS projects. Learning how to use
Linux containers takes a bit of a learning curve but once you get a hang of
it, its like you can't stop thinking inside the container

So I've been using it as development environment tool as well as a platform
for sharing working demos, as well as the a perfect tool for deploying apps
to robots. For one of my research lab's projects, OmniMapper
been documenting my progress in our github wiki pages. I made a docker
image for the demo, allowing novices users to skip much of the tedious
build and dependency processes, and get straight to running and playing
with the project, as I explain in this tutorial

I have to say, I'm not the first to do this, it seem to be trending here
and there, so just to cite a few:

   - Gernot Klingler <http://gernotklingler.com/blog/> and his a detailed
   post: How docker replaced my virtual machines and chroots
   a guide in how to enable a container to connect to an x-server and
   graphical hardware acceleration.
   - opencog <https://github.com/opencog> with examples
   <https://github.com/opencog/ros> in the use of Docker for research and
   collaboration within the robotics community.
   - quantumobject / docker-ros-base

This sort of reminds me how I got into using ROS when first playing with it
in virtual machines, like these ones
<http://nootrix.com/2014/09/ros-indigo-virtual-machine/>, way back when.
But know I can get bare metal performance, mount any arbitrary directories
or hardware from my host, and keep my images tiny on disk. Plus, I get to
pick any modern Linux distro to use as a host, not just Ubuntu.

So I've followed the Guidelines for Creating and Documenting Official
Repositories <https://docs.docker.com/docker-hub/official_repos/>, and have
a few proposed images for both Indigo and Hydro. I have a fork of rosdistro
<https://github.com/ruffsl/rosdistro> with the necessary Dockerfiles (just
my first though on where to pull request them into), and a fork of
docker-library/docs <https://github.com/ruffsl/docs> with the appropriate
entry for ROS image conforming to the registry's standards.

I can contact the Docker Hub admins to get the project added, I just wanted
to get in touch with the admins first and get the community's blessing.

Feedback welcome!

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