[ros-users] ROS Clients that work out of the box without ROS .msg, .srv, and .action pre-compilation

Aaron Sims aaron at happyartist.net
Tue Jan 6 05:22:36 UTC 2015

Dear ROS-Users,
I've been working on a ROS Client implementation in Java that does not require pre-compilation of .msg, and .srv (.action may or may not happen based on implementation requirements - I haven't researched enough to know if it has any special requirements).
The .msg, and .srv can be compiled on the fly based on the message definition in most cases, and the implementers of ROS appear to of went to great lengths to ensure this potential functionality, by also including and nested Object type on the initial communication (Or maybe this is only done in turtlesim..., I assume not since turtlesim .msg definitions do not contain the additional Object types, this is a ROS specific technical implementation).
Do the C++, and Python ROS Clients implement the functionality to convert incoming ROS Messages on the fly to native Objects? Or do they work in a similar manner to ROS Java requiring that a client manually compile the the .msg, and .srv files, then using those precompiled APIs, or are they smart enough to automatically write their own input and output data handler and auto generate their own Native Object for interpretation by the autonomous, semi-autonomous, or teleoperation controller?
If this functionality is not implemented, the designers put in an awesome Easter Egg.


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