[ros-users] Calling users of robot_upstart

Mike Purvis mpurvis at clearpathrobotics.com
Wed Jan 7 04:31:06 UTC 2015

TL;DR: *If you use robot_upstart on your platform in ROS Indigo, please get
in touch with me so that we can ensure whatever your usage is doesn't get
broken by an upcoming change.*

Hi all,

Since August 2013, Clearpath Robotics has provided robot_upstart, a catkin
package intended to assist in creating upstart jobs for ROS of the sort
that were scripted semi-manually on Fuerte-era TurtleBot. There are debates
to be had about the merits of the exact approach taken vs. alternatives
(eg. ros-system-daemon) but robot_upstart has served our internal needs and
platform customers well.

Unfortunately, the implementation and documentation for the package have
always been very poor. I'm in the process of doing a small rewrite of the
package (from bash to python) which will be much easier to test and
document and will primarily target Jade. However, some of the enhancements
made possible by the new implementation would be really nice to have in
Indigo too, especially those which affect multi-robot systems and
multi-computer robots.

So if you presently depend on robot_upstart, or ship a robot or
configuration to users which depends on it, please contact me so that we
can ensure a safe release to Indigo.


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