[ros-users] Springer Book on ROS - Deadline Extension

Anis Koubaa (COINS) akoubaa at coins-lab.org
Tue Jan 20 13:50:11 UTC 2015

I have received some requests about incentives to authors contributing to
the book. Typically, as this is an academic effort (not commercial or
industrial effort) there is no incentive a part from getting a publication
in a reputed venue. But, I negotiated to have some special incentives for
authors contributing to the Book on ROS.

I got a good news from Springer that authors will benefit a special discount
of 33.33% off from the regular price. The price of books is managed by
Springer and depends on number of pages (less than 200 EUR for large volumes
up to 999 pages, as reported by Springer).
There will be another option of pre-oder which reduces cost to 20% of
original cost (less than 40 EUR for large volumes of 999 pages).

Please note that all papers will be peer reviewed by experts in Robotics and
ROS. At least three comprehensive reviews will be made for each chapter to
guarantee the quality of the book.
If you have already registered as a reviewer, you should receive an official
invitation by mid of March, a week before the submission deadline.

From:  Anis Koubaa <akoubaa at coins-lab.org>
Date:  Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 1:41 PM
To:  User discussions <ros-users at lists.ros.org>
Subject:  Springer Book on ROS - Deadline Extension

I have received a couple of requests for extending the submission due date
of chapters for the Springer Book on Robot Operating System due to conflict
with IROS 2015 submission due date. As such,  the full chapter submission
deadline is postponed with three weeks to avoid any overlap. The new
submission due date is March 21, 2015.
I have also extended the abstract submission to Jan 31, 2015 (hard and
final) to allow for more submissions since the full chapter submission
deadline is extended.

The call for chapters is available on this page

We are looking for possible reviewers of the submitted book chapters. If you
have interest to join the technical reviewers broad, please provide your
information in this Google Form
Once your register, you will receive later an official reviewer invitation
through EasyChair that you need to accept to join.

If you have any question, let me know.

Thank you

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