[ros-users] Learning ROS for drones, episodes 2 and 3

Víctor Mayoral Vilches victor at erlerobot.com
Wed Jun 17 11:41:38 UTC 2015

Dear everyone,

As announced a few days, we published episodes 2 and 3
of our Learning ROS series. Over these two new episodes we explain how
create a ROS package that allows a drone to autonomously takeoff, do stuff
(or idle as it's our case) and land (source code). Watch out the last part
of the video (minute 8:58
where we show a life demo of the code developed during the session.

We've got good feedback so far with several comments pointing out the
quality of the audio. We'll try fixing this in future videos we record.
Feel free to through ideas on what kind of stuff you'd like to see
explained that could be helpful for your research/classes.


*Víctor Mayoral Vilches*
CTO & Co-Founder

*Erle Robotics*
erlerobotics.com | victor at erlerobot.com
+34 616151561
*skype*: v.mayoral
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