[ros-users] Wiki documentation for twist_mux package

Jonathan Bohren jonathan.bohren at gmail.com
Fri May 8 15:16:13 UTC 2015

> Btw, Jonathan, congratulations  for your project. Is a cool idea and can
be very helpful if everybody gets to know it.

Thanks, Jorge. And don't worry about not knowing about rosindex
<http://rosindex.github.io>, I only made an announcement about on the
mailing list a few months ago.

The nice thing about rosindex <http://rosindex.github.io> is that it's a
completely statically-generated site, so it should respond much faster than
the current ROS wiki. Also it doesn't rely on people to create wiki pages
for packages. If a package has a README file, it's rendered right on the
site. I hope to have some more time to hack on it this summer, and
hopefully I'll be able to add in a source-based tutorial structure so
tutorials can be versioned along with code.

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