[ros-users] Is posible use sensor_msgs::Image in message?

David Salinas davidinaxio at gmail.com
Mon May 11 16:35:53 UTC 2015


I have a question. At now i used to get a ROI from an image and i sent it
as cv_bridge::CvImage to other node by a topic (sensor_msgs::Image). But
now i want to embed this image in a message data as a sensor_msgs::Image
and it fails when it's compiling.

Before this modification i used to push to topic as this:


The message that i want to use is this:

string node_id
sensor_msgs/Image image
geometry_msgs/Point centroid
string qr_traduction
geometry_msgs/Twist cmd
bool detected

Is it posible  to define a sensor_msgs::Image in a message?

Thank you and i'm sorry my english mistakes.

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