[ros-users] [jobs] Apply to Bossa Nova Robotics

David Lu dlu at bnrobotics.com
Tue Nov 3 00:48:05 UTC 2015

Fellow ros-users,
Bossa Nova Robotics is a rapidly growing Pittsburgh-based startup building
robots that work around people. Our mission is currently under wraps, but
we are venture-funded and were recently listed as a game changing startup
by CBInsights [1]. And now, we’re looking to hire ROS proficient software
engineers for the next exciting phase of our company.

Check out our job listings at bnrobotics.com We need roboticists of all
sorts, including people to work on navigation, computer vision, controls,
point clouds, long term automation and more.

Apply now! bnrobotics.com

david v. lu | robotics scientist | bossa nova robotics | m +1 (845) 527-1217
| www.bnrobotics.com
*"if i were a robot, i would act"*

P.S. Personal note: I started working here this summer and can’t wait to
show this community all the cool things we’ve been up to. Join me!

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