[ros-users] [ANN] UChile student projects improving ROS

Johan Fabry jfabry at dcc.uchile.cl
Thu Nov 19 20:41:25 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I am teaching a project-based undergrad course at the CS department of the Universidad de Chile, called ‘Software Engineering for Robotics’ in which students’ projects consist of building or improving ROS tools. In the first few weeks the students learn ROS through the tutorials, and doing that identify issues in the tools that they would like to address. The remainder of the course is then spent doing exactly that. All projects are of course open source and maintained on GitHub. The students report on their progress via blog posts (in Spanish, sorry for that, Google translate should help).

This year I have 4 groups of 2 students and this monday the students finished the first of their 2 iterations and posted a report in their blog. I wanted to announce their work here because I think that it is of interest to the community and all feedback is welcome, especially as our goal is that that some of this work can be fed back into ROS.

The first group is making RQT_ENV, a GUI tool to manage the ROS environment variables, with validation of environment variables and easy switching between robot configurations (instead of commenting and uncommenting variables). Their latest blog post is here: http://hsarmiento.github.io/htrob/development_project/2015/11/16/first_iteration.html

The second group is making General Teleop, the (keyboard) teleop to rule all teleops. It’s a teleop that can control any robot, it just needs to be configured with what keys should send what messages to which topics. It will come with a set of configurations, e.g. one for the Turtlebot. Their latest blog post is here: http://nuenob.github.io/Toruga/report/2015/11/17/reporte_avance.html

Group three is making Rostopic Mobile: a web interface to rostopic that also includes an improved visualization a la rqt_graph. It should be usable from any web browser but the focus is on tablets and phones. Their latest blog post is here: http://carolahp.github.io/testpage/rostopic/gui/progress/project/web/2015/11/16/primera-presentacion.html

Group four is reimplementing rqt_graph, in a project called RQT-GraPharo, to drastically improve the usability of rqt_graph by having better interactivity with the graph and also allowing more detailed inspection, as well as sending of messages. Their latest blog post is here: http://jampueroc.github.io/SE4Robotics/reporte/iteraci%C3%B3n/1/2015/11/17/IterationReport.html

As said before, any remarks you may have with regard to these projects is most welcome. The second and last iteration of the course will finish in 3 weeks, where I think we will have some working tools that can benefit the community. 

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