[ros-users] Tutorial: How to build an autonomous mobile robot using ROS

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Mon Nov 30 16:28:52 UTC 2015

Hello ROS users and developers

I am glad to announce my new book about ROS and robotics which mainly
teaches to build an autonomous mobile robot from scratch. The application
of this robot is to supply food and drinks in hotels. The robot is named as
Chefbot and the robot re-uses some of turtlebot packages for its operation.

The name of the book is  :Learning Robotics using Python published by
PACKT. Here is the book website


Here is the book video explaning all chapters and contents


I have given an abstract of the book tutorial in instructables and
hackaday. Here are the links

Instructables :

Hack a day.io : https://hackaday.io/project/8588-diy-autonomous-mobile-robot

The book covers following topics

   1. Introduction to Robotics
   2. Mechanical Design of Chefbot
   3. Working with Robot Simulation using ROS and Gazebo
   4. Designing Chefbot Hardware
   5. Interfacing Robotics Actuators and Wheel Encoders
   6. Working with Chefbot Sensors
   7. Programming Vision sensors using R.O.S and Python
   8. Working with Speech Recognition and Synthesis
   9. Applying Artificial Intelligence to Chefbot using Python
   10. Integrating of Chefbot Hardware and Interfacing to ROS using Python
   11. Designing a GUI for Chefbot using Qt and Python
   12. Calibrating and Testing of Chefbot

You can see book details from ROS Wiki :


Here is the  post came in ROS blog :


Book codes Git repository : https://github.com/qboticslabs/Chefbot_ROS_pkg

Thanks & Regards
Lentin Joseph <http://in.linkedin.com/in/lentinjoseph>
Founder of Qbotics Labs <http://www.qboticslabs.com/>
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