[ros-users] [jobs] Multiple open positions at Mayfield Robotics

Sarah Osentoski sarah at mayfieldrobotics.com
Thu Oct 22 18:41:03 UTC 2015

Mayfield Robotics is a new startup building an adorable home robot in Palo
Alto (soon to be Redwood City), CA. We are currently a team of 17 people -
mostly engineers, roboticists, and developers.

We are hiring key positions in our software team.  Playful folks who love
robots, think flexibly, and like to work collaboratively are our favorite
kind of people.  ROS is a big part of our current software stack and so
finding someone who is familiar with ROS for these positions would be
really helpful.

We are especially looking for:
- Robotics SLAM Engineer
- Machine Vision Engineer
- Robot DevOps Engineer

More information about all of our positions can be found here:


Sarah Osentoski  |  COO  |  Mayfield Robotics  |  (617) 299-6423
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