[ros-users] ROSCon 2015: Space is filling up fast + Live streaming

Brian Gerkey gerkey at osrfoundation.org
Fri Sep 4 00:09:58 UTC 2015

* For first time, this year it looks like we're going to hit the
maximum capacity of the ROSCon venue, at which point we'll have to
close online registration and not offer on-site registration.  If
you're planning to register for ROSCon 2015, you should do it soon!

* Also for the first time, this year we're going to live-stream the
ROSCon presentations online, free of charge.  We're able to offer this
benefit to the community because of generous sponsorship from our
friends at Qualcomm; thanks to them!  So if you can't join us in
person in Hamburg, you can follow along online.  We'll post details of
the live-streaming system as we get closer to the event.  We will also
be recording the presentations and posting them afterward, as we've
always done.

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