[ros-users] ROS 2.0 Strategy review

Valerio De Carolis vd63 at hw.ac.uk
Mon Sep 28 08:56:00 UTC 2015

On 27/09/15 02:02, BiggsGeoffrey via ros-users wrote:
> Good wire protocols are hard, and leaving it up to the experts gives the
> OSRF more developer time for the robotics things that go on top.

Which sounds like building a skyscraper without taking care about its 
foundations. :)

Imagine that people are looking for a system which is good both for 
commercial uses and research ones. The former are potentially afraid of 
betting on a vendor locked horse (to which one has to add all the 
concerns about IP and licensing) while the latter are looking for 
something that can work even outside the lab (one never knows if the 
next spin-off is around the corner).


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