[ros-users] ROS L-Turtle Naming Thread

Nantas Nardelli n.nardelli at sms.ed.ac.uk
Thu Apr 7 12:39:53 UTC 2016

Yay indeed!

dot([Lively, Lunatic, Linear], [Leopard, Leaf, Leonardo]) :)

I'm especially a fan of _Lively Leaf_ and _Lunatic Leonardo_, but YMMV.


On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 1:12 PM, David Lu!! via ros-users
<ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:
> Annual Turtle Naming Thread! Yay!
> My suggestions
> {Luminous, Lucrative, Lusty} x {Leatherback, Loggerhead, Leonardo}
> Turtle List: http://www.chelonia.org/byspecies.htm#L
> - David Lu!!
> P.S. Not that anyone is keeping score, but Adam Leeper came up with Groovy
> and Jack O'Quin picked Galapagos off the list (8/2011), Geoffrey Biggs
> picked Hydromedusa off the turtle list (5/2012), Arkapravo Bhaumik suggested
> Indigo and Kartik Babu suggested Igloo (1/2013), Katrina Bugyi had Jade
> (4/2014), Takashi Ogura translated Kame and Tom Moore came up with Kinetic
> Kame (5/2015). We've been doing this awhile.
> P.P.S. I'm partial to adjectives starting with Lu for some reason.

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