[ros-users] ROS L-Turtle Naming Thread

Arkapravo Bhaumik arkapravobhaumik at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 16:46:59 UTC 2016

Hello Devon, joq

The reasons cited for the turtle reference are;

   1.  Reference to the first mobile robots made; William Grey Walter's
   Elmer and Elsie - Turtle robots
   2. LOGO Turtle, probably the simplest GUI based simulations for
   navigation. ROS also has a package very similar to the LOGO Turtle and it
   is often recommended as a tutorial for newbies.
   3. "It's turtles all the way down" - iconic references in various
   popular texts, viz. Brief History Of Time
   4. Proverbial reference of the turtle and the hare - where hard and
   consistent labour wins over street smartness - isn't ROS much like that

So, seems we are stuck with the turtle, least for some time to come ! :-)


Arkapravo Bhaumik
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