[ros-users] Kinetic Kame Tshirt and Logo Announced

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Mon Apr 18 19:54:26 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making
t-shirts. ROS Kinetic Kame <http://wiki.ros.org/kinetic> is coming out in
May. Show your ROS colors and support this tradition!  Visit the Teespring
Campaign page here <http://bit.ly/KinteicKame> to order your shirt.

Proceeds from shirt sales go to supporting the costs associated with
developing and maintaining ROS, including hosting the wiki and running the
build farm.

There are both mens and womens sizes as well as hoodies, v-necks and
triblends available.

Order now and if this campaign is funded we expect the shirts to arrive
approximately when ROS Kinetic Kame is released. The campaign
<http://bit.ly/KinteicKame> closes on May 9th don't wait too long to order.

Here's a high resolution version of the Kinetic logo.

Note that we have two providers one in the US and one in Europe. The main
link: http://bit.ly/KinteicKame redirects based on your IP address. If you
want to access the individual pages you can visit:
https://teespring.com/ros-kinectic-kame and
https://teespring.com/ros-kinetic-kame-eu directly.

Your ROS Release Team
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