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Denis Štogl ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 15:01:08 UTC 2016

Hello folks,

during work on force controlled robots (manipulators and mobile platforms) [Intelligent Industrial Robotics (IIROB)](http://rob.ipr.kit.edu/english/303.php) extended a driver for Schunk-FTS (with ATI electronics) which communicates over CAN-Bus. We find the package very useful in our research and projects so hopefully will be also useful for you.

Some important features explained in the documentation on [ROS-wiki](http://wiki.ros.org/ati_force_torque):

The ati_force_torque package provides a ROS interface for an ATI force/torque sensor that is connected over CAN-bus. The most important features of this package are:

1. 2 ROS Nodes one for configuration and one for reading of sensor.
2. Implemenation of hardware_interface::ForceTorqueSensorHandle for using sensor in ros_control.
3. Sampling the sensor on ca. 800 Hz and downsample to desied freqency
4. Automatic calibration of sensor upon start.
5. Definition of static calibration offsets.
6. Integration of filters: ThresholdFilter, LowPassFilter, MovingMeanFilter and GravityCompensation (from iirob_filters package). 

This package is builds upon the original cob_forcetorque written in 2011 and not updated since than.For can interfacing the CAN devices cob_generic_can package is used.



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