[ros-users] Detector Evaluation

Peter Lorenz peter.lorenz at student.tugraz.at
Fri Feb 19 21:42:47 UTC 2016


I want to publish a package on the ros website.
It is about evaluation detectors in Computer Vision.

Usually, the detector spits out, if and where it found a desired object.
You can read in  XML files, which have saved the ground truth and says  
where the object really is located.

The package pops up a window where you will see the rectangle of the  
ground truth and the rectangle of the detector. So you can see, if  
those rectangles are overlapping, the detector is right and saves the  
percentage in
file. This list will be read in a script, which shows up a ROC curve  
of your database.

Please, help me to put this package on the ros webpage and I will  
write a tutorial for it.


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