[ros-users] Buildroot or ?

Lukas Bulwahn Lukas.Bulwahn at bmw-carit.de
Wed Jan 13 08:41:37 UTC 2016

Dear Lars Larsen,

I am maintaining a Yocto Project application layer for ROS for three years now, and I consider it quite stable. It is located at:


There is documentation and mailing list available and a few users out there as well, even though the majority of users solve their use case differently.

In my understanding, many users that would like to compile for embedded ARM boards actually just download the pre-compiled ARM images and then compile their own sources in ARM virtual machines (and docker setups). Hence, many do not use/need to use a true cross compiling tool chain, such as buildroot and Yocto Project.

On the choice on buildroot or Yocto Project, both do a good job. In short, buildroot is lightweight and aims more to the style Linux kernel developers know; Yocto Project is more full-fledged and comes with much more tooling, GUI integration and such. But there are probably that shed much more light (and opinions) on the buildroot vs. Yocto Project question.


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>Hello world
>I have been challenged with the task to find a suitable framework for 
>the 2.nd. generation of our robotic software.  And ROS seems to 
>implement all the features we need.
>But how do the majority of you people out there, handle cross compiling 
>of ROS to target rootfs systems ?
>I have been looking at buildroot and the yocto project, but neither 
>seems to support ROS and catkin very well.
>I would prefer to use buildroot as it is stable, proven and 'simple', 
>but has any one out there successfully made a buildroot package  for ROS ?
>Any pointers would be welcome
>Lars Larsen
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