[ros-users] Announcing Visual Tools, ROS Control Boilerplate, Utilities

Georg Bartels georg.bartels at cs.uni-bremen.de
Thu Jan 14 08:16:20 UTC 2016

Hi Dave,

thanks for sharing this! Just the other week I was wondering whether 
there was a simple pass-through kinematics simulator using ros_control. 
I'll give it a try. :)


On 13.01.2016 21:49, Dave Coleman via ros-users wrote:
> Hi ROS Community,
> I'm happy to announce the release a bunch of packages I've worked on and
> found useful over the years. They have been used in mine and other's
> research at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as in the Amazon
> Picking Challenge and other external projects for companies. They all have
> decent documentation in their README.md file, example launch files, utilize
> Travis CI, and have been released in Indigo and Jade. As always, please
> help in making them even better!
> *Rviz Visual Tools*
> Ever wanted to make visualizing data in Rviz easier? rviz_visual_tools
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/rviz_visual_tools> provides a ton of
> helper functions for visualizing different types of shapes and data in Rviz
> in an efficient way.
> *MoveIt! Visual Tools*
> Want to visualize multiple RobotStates while also showing different
> trajectories, trajectory lines, and grasp positions? moveit_visual_tools
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/moveit_visual_tools> contains all the
> functionality of rviz_visual_tools while also providing visualization of
> many of the MoveIt! data types. It also makes it easy to add collision
> objects to your planning scene.
> *OMPL Visual Tools*
> Add to the functionality of Rviz and MoveIt! visual tools with even more
> specialized features for OMPL data types and for introspecting your
> sampling-based geometric OMPL planners. ompl_visual_tools
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/ompl_visual_tools> is specially good for
> working in 2D or 3D spaces.
> *ROS Control Boilerplate*
> Want to get started with ros_control for your next robot/robot upgrade?
> ros_control_boilerplate
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/ros_control_boilerplate> contains lots of
> working example code for the RRBot (as seen in Gazebo) as well as many
> helper utilities such as loading joint limits from rosparam and URDF,
> recording trajectories to file, playing back from file, etc.
> *MoveIt! Sim Controller*
> moveit_sim_controller
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/moveit_sim_controller> is a pass-through
> non-physics based simulator for quickly testing your ros_control robot
> offline. It also allows you to load your robot's initial state from a SRDF
> (semantic robot description format) state instead of the default 0's state.
> *TF Keyboard Cal*
> Don't want to worry about more specialized calibration techniques for
> moving your /tf transforms to different locations? tf_keyboard_cal
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/tf_keyboard_cal> lets you use your
> computer keyboard to tweak the 6 dof transform of a frame quickly and
> intuitively, and even load/save the settings from file.
> *ROS Param Shortcuts*
> The package rosparam_shortcuts
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/rosparam_shortcuts> provides lots of
> helper functions for all sorts of datatypes to be easily loaded from
> parameter server with good user feedback if the parameter is missing. This
> package enforces the philosphy that there should be no default parameters -
> everything must be defined by the user in yaml files (or launch files or
> where ever) otherwise your program should not run.
> *Two New Message Types*
> For those interested, I've created cartesian_msgs
> <https://github.com/davetcoleman/cartesian_msgs> for commanding a robot's
> Cartesian end effector position (instead of by joint values), and I've also
> released graph_msgs <https://github.com/davetcoleman/graph_msgs> for
> sending graphs of nodes and edges across ROS topics.
> I hope these are helpful to your robotics projects!
> -
> Dave Coleman
> Correll Robotics Lab | CU Boulder | dav.ee
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