[ros-users] ROS Book and Tutorials - Learning ROS for Robotics Programming - 2nd Edition

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I don't want to spam the mailing list, but I feel like I have to answer
Scott's question (quoted below).

In general, I'd refrain from comparing my book with others, but in this
case IMHO it's clear from the contents that they cover a different scope.
In brief, Jason's 'A Gentle Introduction to ROS' contents are summarized in
the first 3 chapters of 'Learning ROS for Robotics Programming', both the
first and second edition.
The other chapters cover additional topics like: using sensors and
actuators, using cameras and CV libraries, PCL, 3D modeling and simulation,
the navigation stack and MoveIt! The table of contents is also at the
bottom of the github repo:

The 'Learning ROS for Robotics Programming - 2nd edition' is closer to
other books, like 'ROS by Example', being these two suggested as other
books in the link you provided.
You can also see a comprehensive list of ROS books on this wiki
http://wiki.ros.org/Books, that I created a few years ago, when only these
two ROS books were available, to the best of my knowledge.


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> > I simply want draw your attention to the 2nd edition of the 'Learning ROS
> > for Robotics Programming' book that I finished last year, together with
> > some colleagues.
> Could you describe how your book is distinguished from "A Gentle
> Introduction to ROS" by Jason M. O'Kane ?
> https://cse.sc.edu/~jokane/agitr/
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