[ros-users] Announcing robotcloudserver - a solution for remote robotmanagement using RMS and reverse proxy

Matouš Jezerský m.jezersky at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 11:14:17 UTC 2016

I have created a set of software, which allows you to connect and manage your robots remotely. It consists of a reverse proxy server, RMS (wiki.ros.org/rms) web interface with an extension, and an optional but recommended OpenVPN setup.

It allows you to manage and control your robots securely in a multi-user environment, written in PHP and Python 2.7, it is easily deployable on various cloud services. To make things easier, a Docker image is available, with the server side all set up.

The main reason for making this software package was to enable safe remote access, which would be available for multiple users. Unlike VPN alone, RMS offers authentication and reservations and together with reverse proxy, controlled by PHP extension for RMS, allows users to connect to the robots after they were authenticated, enabling connection over any third-party application protocol (SSH, websocket, http, ...).

More information can be found on the GitHub page – https://github.com/mjezersky/robotcloudserver.git

Feel free to contact me or submit any issues / fork the project on GitHub.

Best regards

Matous Jezersky

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