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Toni Oliver toni at shadowrobot.com
Mon Jun 20 15:54:32 UTC 2016

*Job description*
The role of software engineers at Shadow Robot Ltd is to advance robotic
systems, by implementing new solutions and algorithms, in order to realize
complex tasks with a complex robots. Think about all the knowledge and
skills a human requires to lift a simple glass of water, and try to imagine
how you'd implement that with a highly sophisticated robotic system.

Should you join our team your job would center on solving real world
problems using robotics. We work on highly challenging and stimulating
problems to deliver new solutions using advanced robotic systems.
The job is quite versatile, ranging from driver development, to more high
level cognition. Being part of a team of highly skilled individuals, we
always strive to make you work on what you're best at.

Overall your goal will be making our robotic systems more reliable and
easier to use for our customers.

We're a small central London based company formed in 1987 with a well
established reputation for developing top end robotic systems. Our core
product is our robotic Hand, but we're also involved in a list of Robotics
based projects for research, nuclear, MOD, space and other applications.

We're a close knit team, all passionate about robotics and will be happy to
share our knowledge in different domains, ranging from electronics to

Shadow's mission is to use robotics technology to solve real-world problems.

 *Must have:*
  - highly proficient in C++ or python
  - good knowledge of programming under Linux

 *Nice to have:*
  - previous experience or keen interest in robotics
  - previous experience using ROS (www.ros.org)

 - minimum 2 years programming experience.

 toni at shadowrobot.com


Toni Oliver

*Head of Software*+44 20 7700 2487


*Shadow Robot Company Ltd.*
251 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX, UK
Registered Number 3308007 (England & Wales)


*Shadow Robot Company Ltd.*
251 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX, UK
Registered Number 3308007 (England & Wales)
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