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Tue Nov 1 17:57:53 UTC 2016

While I've been working in the different pull requests in gazebo_ros_pkgs I come up with doubts about how would be the best policy to handle changes in the different branches that we host there for every ROS release. As of now gazebo_ros_pkgs currently support changes in: Indigo, Jade and Kinetic. All of them officially released and supported. Contributors are submitting pull requests against any of the released branches and we usually cherry-pick the changes to the rest of the branches but the whole process is arbitrary and not documented in any way.

I can see that we have different kind of changes that will impact on users, at least:

* Bugs (mainly things that are broken)
* Changes to the API
* Changes to the ABI (looking at catkin ws users)
* Changes that affect rostopic/roslaunch/rosparams/... names or arguments.
* Changes that affect behaviour (some of them are bug fixes)

My main point is: in which ROS release would be reasonable to introduce a change that forces consumers of the ROS packages to have to react to adapt to the change having in mind that some of them would be not trivial to detect?


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