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>From my current understanding also a c++ program written by an end user will usually link only against the default rmw. I'm aware that it is possible to link against a non-default rmw but I'm not sure that this is the intended use for endusers. (There's an issue tracker on github where we discussed this matter and my understanding was that linking against non-default rmw is usually used for testing purposes) 
So the way I'm switching the rmw implementation at the moment is simply recompiling ros2 with the RMW_IMPLEMENTATION variable defined.

    export RMW_IMPLEMENTATION="rmw_fastrtps_cpp"

If desired I will implemented a mechanism that allows choosing the rmw implementation in C# at runtime. Perhaps @dirk-thomas or @wjwwood could comment on this.
Implementing the pattern I described in the previous post, will also have the advantage that it's possible to have special code paths for different plattforms. (For example different library names on windows) So I will probably go for that. 

At the moment there is unfortunatly a lot of other stuff to do for the wrapper. For example I'm currently refactoring my message generator to use the C# CodeDom (or in future the Roselyn code synthesize interface), furthermore I need to fix the issue relating to windows. And there are still a lot of unit-tests that needs to be written. So it might be a while before I will implement a mechanism for choosing the rmw in the C# code.

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