[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Mirrors] Updated apt-mirror distro support

Tully Foote ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 23:30:59 UTC 2017

Hi Apt Mirror Maintainers,

We've updated the default list of target distros for the mirror list. If you're maintaining a mirror using the defaults we recommend that you update. The changes are in these two PRs:



I've also turned on unattended upgrades by default. 


If you are not running the mirror as standalone application you may want to turn the reboot option to `false`.

To bring in the changes if you have the default installation. You can just do:
cd ~/mirror
git pull
sudo puppet module install puppet-unattended_upgrades
sudo puppet apply ros_mirror.pp --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/modules:.

And it will pull the new versions in the next nightly run.

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