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Spyros Maniatopoulos ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 04:46:37 UTC 2017

Hey @shoemakerlevy9, cool project :slight_smile: 

In terms of the state machine, here are some resources that might be of interest:

* SMACH tutorials: http://wiki.ros.org/action/show/smach/Tutorials
  * My fork of their hard-to-find source code: https://github.com/spmaniato/executive_smach_tutorials 
* FlexBE (Flexible Behavior Engine): [flexbe.github.io](http://flexbe.github.io)
  * Source code of its core: https://github.com/team-vigir/flexbe_behavior_engine
  * GitHub organization (states and GUI app): https://github.com/FlexBE
  * FlexBE is an extension of SMACH, but may or may not fit your use case.
  * I was somewhat involved in the development of FlexBE, so feel free to ask follow-up questions.
* Boost Statechart (C++): http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_64_0/libs/statechart/doc/index.html
  * Steep learning curve but much faster and more expressive.

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