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gerkey ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 17:48:36 UTC 2017

We at OSRF have not evaluated the courses offered by Ricardo and his team and we aren't taking a position on them. The question of third-party validation of online educational curricula is certainly an important and timely topic and it's not unique to The Construct, ROS, or robotics. It's also a question that we at OSRF are not well-equipped to answer, given that we're not experts in education or job training, online or otherwise.

In general we're very much in favor of making it easier and more accessible for people to get into the field of robotics and to learn to use open source tools like ROS and Gazebo.

I'll also say that commercial profit-driven activity is not necessarily a bad thing, just as non-commercial mission-driven activity is not necessarily a good thing. Our community got its start in an academic research environment, but as we've grown, we're seeing companies spring up and make a living depending on, and in many cases, contributing to the open systems that we're building. That is a sign of success for us, and, in my opinion, holds the promise for broader ongoing support for what we all love to do.

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