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Miguel Campusano ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 18:30:52 UTC 2017

My name is Miguel, a PhD student working on improving the understanding of robotic behaviors. In particular, I am focusing in improving the visualization of SMACH, an API to write state machines. This improvement includes information about the logs of the robotic system/behavior.

Sadly, it is difficult to run a representative (real) example of a robot behavior without an actual robot and program. 

I ask you, the community, to help me with my research. If you have a project (no matter the size) of a robotic behavior using SMACH, you can help me.

If you have:

* A repository from where I can download your SMACH ROS project and detailed instructions how to run the project on a robot. Also, detailed instructions on how to install and run the simulator of the robot so I can run the project.
* Rosbags with the information of the SMACH introspection server and /rosout that will be great.

After I finish my research, I will leave the visualization open for the the community to use it, with documentation on how to use it. I hope this visualization can help you all for your SMACH projects, and maybe for other projects that use state machines.


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