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Thu Aug 10 04:40:16 UTC 2017

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**AI & Robotics Engineer for Drone - KakaoBrain**

The KakaoBrain, Seoul office, is looking for exceptional engineers/scientists to work on exciting drone projects. We have multiple openings on machine perception where the primary tasks are to tackle the challenging, perception problems for autonomous drone flight. 
A successful candidate should have 
- Good understanding on one of the related fields for drone / mobile-robot perception / machine learning, 
- Demonstrable record of software development experiences, 
- and Good communication skills. 

Any advanced understanding or knowledge and/or hand-on experience on computer vision and machine learning would be seriously considered. For the experience on software development, itd be perfect if a candidate can share with us any of his prior codes, for example, through the Github. As we believe, its important for an engineer to effectively and efficiently communicate in verbal and written form about his/her designs/products/modules as well as producing codes, a desired candidates should have strong skills in presenting and documenting his/her ideas and/or products.

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