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Mikael Arguedas ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 16:49:18 UTC 2017

Thanks @Jorge_Nicho for the recap!

Glad to see that ROS 2.0 was on the agenda! I'm dropping a few notes / questions here but I'm happy to continue the discussion on a separate thread to not clutter this one.

Looking at MoveIt! recently, there seem to be a few changes required for ROS2 that are compatible with ROS1 and can be done on the current development branch:

- moving to package format 2
- migrate to tf2

Current features used by MoveIt! but not in ROS2 yet:

- no actions yet (C++ or Python)
- no parameters in Python yet
- pluginlib: class_loader has been ported but not pluginlib yet, it's not yet sure what plugins api will be like exactly

Specific ROS 2 changes:

- no nodelets in ROS 2, all nodes are nodelets (there is almost no nodelets left in MoveIt! but the remaining one(s) will have to be converted to nodes)


- Could you clarify what is in the "ROS parameters not supported" bullet?
- Could you also give more details about the "Communication layer" challenge?
- "Using the bridge as an initial step. Have verification from OSRF" << We can discuss this in more details on the follow-up thread as well

(I know this is a summary and a good way to have more details would have been to attend the meeting :confused: )


/cc @dirk-thomas

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