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Koen Theunissen ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 10:52:58 UTC 2017

Hello forum members,

My name is Koen and I am a student in mechatronics. I am currently programming a UR5 robot in ROS for a school project. The objective is to move to robot from point A to B, but when an object passes through the trajectory, the robot must stop or reduce speed. 

I am working together with people who do the vision part. They programmed a QR code detection and this QR code will be  the object in Rviz. The vision system has to detect the object and let the robot know if the object is in its trajectory or in its work space. The vision group is currently not far enough to test the system so I would like to use a dynamic object which is moving through the area. I am able to create a fixed object, but to avoid this object it is not a big challenge. I would like to have a dynamic object to test this system. It could be a rectilinear movement or a unpredictable movement. Is this possible to get in ROS and are there already tutorials available for this? 

Also I would like to read out the coordinates of the QR code. These read out coordinates can then be passed on to the UR5 so that they can avoid the object. A kind of real time tracker. 

Are the above issues possible to solve and are there tutorials available? It would help me a lot to finish my school project.

Very kind regards and thank you in advance.

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