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Brian Bingham ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 20:34:27 UTC 2017

We are working on an unmanned surface vessel (USV) simulation to support the [Maritime RobotX challenge](https://www.robotx.org/).  We just did a one-day tutorial on the prototype simulation environment.  If you are interested:

 * [Setup and example instructions](https://wiki.nps.edu/display/RC/Clearpath+Robotics+Kingfisher+USV) 
   Based on the Clearpath Kingfisher model, but we are working on building a model of the MAR WAM-V
 * [Three-day and one-day tutorials](https://wiki.nps.edu/display/ROSSC/Robotics+Operating+System+Short-Course+Home) for ROS beginners that uses the simulated USV as a case study

This is an active project, so we welcome pull requests and collaborators.

There are a lot of great maritime projects out there.  I'm hopeful people will announce new projects and share them with the community.


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