[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS/Troubleshooting] Subscription topic not connecting to sensor output data

vdiluoffo ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 01:25:49 UTC 2017

Hi Mikael,
Thanks for your reply and interesting on your results. 
1) Beta 1 using RTI 5.2.5 on Linux 16.04
2) I tried both FRTPS and Connext with same results
3) I was using Turtlebot_demo code from here: https://github.com/ros2/turtlebot2_demo
4) The camera is astra camera
5) Follower works with connext
6) Line 132, 133 from astra_driver.cpp:
pub_depth_raw_ = nh_->create_publisher<sensor_msgs::msg::Image>("image", rmw_qos_profile_sensor_data);
The node is up with starting depth stream
7) Ok tried your test and works with both FRTPS and Connext


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