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suforeman ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 19:10:10 UTC 2017

[quote="rohbotics, post:4, topic:1205"]
The non-server ubuntu-pi-flavor-maker builds are built using a different process, and don't seem to have this issue.[/quote]

I can confirm. I have a functioning instance of my LoCoRo project. I started with the Lubuntu image from ubuntu-pi-flavor-maker and disabled LXDE. Then treated like an Ubuntu server image. Everything worked as expected.

The Ubuntu Bugs thread has demonstrated to me that "official Ubuntu support" for the Raspberry Pi is dubious at present and has an uncertain future. When the April drop of 17.04 occurs, things should be clearer one way or another.

For ROS, it would be best for the community if it supported buildfarm installable packages for a "supported Raspberry Pi operating system". This translates to Raspbian. I've been trying to promote Ubuntu but I have to concede, its not an ideal situation for ROS.

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