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Fri Jan 27 18:37:06 UTC 2017

The Bosch Robotics Team is looking for outstanding PhD level interns to work on robotics and related projects. As the ideal candidate you have strong technical skills, are willing to tackle challenging problems and work in a highly dynamic team. We are working on making industrial manipulators usable by non-professionals by means of teaching. Robots should be aware of people surrounding them, adaptable to new tasks and safe. 

Job Description:
ROS drivers for collaborative dual-arm robotic: Currently dual arm manipulators are available, which are accurate, flexible and safe to use in direct contact with humans. In our research, we want to include a recently released dual arm manipulator into our existing ROS based software stack. The robot comes with a proprietary interface and thus the candidate will write ROS drivers to control the robot. The goal is a kinetic and dynamic trajectory controller in simulation using Gazebo as well as on the real robot hardware. The task comprises evaluating existing approaches and adapting them to Boschs need. Optionally, an evaluation based on the latest ROS2 platform will be done. 

Skills / Job Requirements:
* Currently pursuing a M.S. or PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, or related fields
* Excellent knowledge of ROS
* Excellent knowledge in C++ (Python is a plus)
* Robotics-related coursework and experience is a plus
* Previous experience with industrial manipulators is a plus but it is not required
* Knowledge of Linux and development on Linux systems
* Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as within a highly-motivated team environment
* Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver on challenging software development tasks

Additional Information
* Duration: 3-6 months

Please submit: 
* Preferred internship time frame
* If possible, two references and/or two letters of recommendation

Start Date: As soon as possible

Please use the following link to submit your application:

[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/internship-position-for-ros-driver-development-at-bosch-research-and-technology-center-palo-alto-ca/1228/1) or reply to this email to respond.

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