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Sun Jul 2 06:39:01 UTC 2017


We at JSK, has similar situation as vigar, we had a lot of (un-organized) ROS-Software also used in DRC and has been applied to several robots including open and closed robot.
walking controller -> https://github.com/fkanehiro/hrpsys-base
ros integration -> https://github.com/start-jsk/rtmros_common
unfinished tutorials ->  https://github.com/start-jsk/rtmros_tutorials
robot model -> http://www.jvrc.org/en/humanoid/JAXON/agreement.html
foot step planner -> http://wiki.ros.org/jsk_footstep_planner

> In my opinion, a Humanoids SIG is a very nice idea, as still many software/approaches are not that easy to reuse for different humanoid robots as they probably could.

I agree, and teams like us, it is not easy to switch from existing system to others, but projet like
- re-create humanoid msgs and rep  http://wiki.ros.org/humanoid_msgs, http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0120.html
- create visualizer (rviz plugin) for these msgs
- From our experience of moveit applied to humanoid robot, https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/moveit-users/SP9kH4Ck0yY, we need IK interface for trees (improve kdl_kinematics?), add interface for calculate COM, Momentum and others (kdl_kinematics? robot_model? ), balance calculation method? these could be basics for all of software
- need mathematical library for humanoid calculation, Preview Control, Resolved Momentum Control? Riccati Equation, ........

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