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Péter Fankhauser ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 09:25:52 UTC 2017

Thanks for the elaborations @rmerriam! For step/leg motion types that are more complicated, arbitrary motions can be executed with `EndEffectorTrajectory.msg ` from [free_gait_msgs](https://github.com/leggedrobotics/free_gait/tree/master/free_gait_msgs/msg):

    # Definition of a trajectory for the foot.

    # Leg name ('LF_LEG', 'RH_LEG' etc.).
    string name

    # Trajectory for the end effector.
    # Trajectory can contain transforms, twists, or accelerations,
    # or combinations of these. 
    trajectory_msgs/MultiDOFJointTrajectory trajectory

    # Target surface normal.
    # Leave empty of no contact is expected or not known.
    geometry_msgs/Vector3Stamped surface_normal

    # If contact of the end effector should be ignored.
    # Default is false.
    bool ignore_contact

    # If pose adaptation should ignore this leg motion.
    # Default is false.
    bool ignore_for_pose_adaptation

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