[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [TurtleBot] Turtlebot 3: Successfully upload Alternative Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 to Joule?

Kening Ren ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 03:56:31 UTC 2017

When I set Turtlebot 3, I met some problems:
It is very hard to upload the Ubuntu image to Intel Joule board. I am not able to get my PC to connect to Joule board through USB-C successfully. And After that I am not able to upload Ubuntu image to Joule board successfully. It is very hard to find any useful info online regarding these issues.

After some study, I finally got it work. Here I would like to share with you some critical info.

1, Connect your PC with Intel Joule board via USB-C connector.
Before doing anything, we need to make our PC recognize and connect to Joule board. We should see Intel DnX device under Universal Serial Devices in Device manager. If not, you have a problem.
If you get it work by following Intels description. It is great. If not, it is normal. Here is what you need to do:
At first, follow the link https://communities.intel.com/thread/109766.  User vraoresearch provides a solution. (Thank you, vraoresearch.)
If you still cannot get it work, here is my suggestion:
Step#1, disconnect 12VDC power supply.
Step#2, Connect PC to USB-B of the Intel Joule board, if you want to see how Joule runs through UART terminal.
Step#3, In Device manager in your PC, select Show Hidden Devices. And choose Uninstall device on all failed devices.
Step#4, Connect PC to USB-C of the Intel Joule board, at the same time press DnX button on the Joule board. Wait for PC to detect the DnX device and then release the button. If it does not work, try it multiple times.

2, Upgrade the BIOS image to Intel Joule board.
There is a bug in the file DNX/Flash.bat in the downloaded and unzipped Joule BIOS image. clearRpmbFlag needs to changed to ClearRpmbFlag. And its value should be defined as TRUE

When running Flash.bat, you should see the following output:
 Clearing NvStorage....

After this, you can disconnect PC from USB-C of Joule Board, and connect the 12VDC power supply, the board should be able to boot up properly, Then you go ahead to follow the description to use a USB flash drive to upload the Ubuntu image to Joule board.

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