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Morgan Quigley ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 02:32:05 UTC 2017

Thanks for your interest in the security of ROS 2! We share your interest in this topic, and want ROS 2 security features to be available "from day one."

In fact, as of very recently, Fast-RTPS now includes the Authentication and Encryption plugins of the DDS-Security standard:
This version of Fast-RTPS is distributed with the Beta 2 version of ROS 2, which was released last month (June 2017).

We intend to support security features that can pass through the various adapter layers in ROS 2 and target both open-source middlewares (e.g., Fast-RTPS) as well as various proprietary middlewares (e.g., RTI Connext Secure) as our resources permit.

The work in the SROS 2 branches was merged into the "mainline" ROS 2 trees last month, just before the release of Beta 2.


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