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Dominik ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 12:35:59 UTC 2017

TheDash, thanks for your question. In a few words the value of our product is as follows:

**1. Online tools:**
* web IDE & remote firmware update
* all robots listed in a sinlge place
* hosting and creating web UI for your robot (especially useful in development of telepresence robots, but not only)
* web Linux console for CORE2-ROS - it's a secure connection between a web browser and your CORE2-ROS based robot
* easy sharing your robot with other Husarion cloud users or simply through a link (in this case people who open a link can control a robot through a web UI)

**2. Embedded software:**
* hFramework library based on RTOS for real-time part of CORE2-ROS controller. It's open source: https://github.com/husarion/hFramework
* Arduino compatibility layer for hFramework

**3. Hardware**
* CORE2 = STM32F4 (ARM-Cortex M4, 168MHz, microcontroller) + 4 x DC motor interface (built-in H-bridge) + 4 x quadrature encoder interface + 6 x servo interface + USB + Wi-Fi + 4 x UART + 3 x I2C + SPI + CAN + 42 GPIO
* CORE2-ROS = CORE2 + ASUS Tinker Board or RaspberryPi 3
* Adapter board for LEGO Mindstorms elements
* ROSbot = CORE2-ROS + LiDAR + camera + 4 x DC motors with encoders + IMU + aluminium cover

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