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Thu Jun 1 08:26:15 UTC 2017

[quote="andreucm, post:27, topic:1819"]
Do we need to agree where is the origin of the BB (top-left, center, ...)? If so, say it explicitly in the message comments.

+1. All the message comments should be much more explicit anyway IMO.

If we use rotated bounding boxes with float width + height, the origin should be the center (see below). If we don't have rotation and use a uint32 width + height, the origin should be the upper left corner, otherwise we can't represent even-sized bounding boxes properly (the center would need to be at a "*\*.5*" position).

[quote="andreucm, post:27, topic:1819"]
* It's not rigurous to provide a pose (point+orientation) to something called "origin" which implicitly is just a point. May be calling it "pose" or "origin_pose" is more adequate.

* size in 2D is implemented with two ints, while in 3D is as a vector3 double. I'm trying to imagine if there is some situation where a float-2DBB is required (subpixel approaches) . Just warning on that.

The 2D Bounding Box format is currently being discussed in [this PR](https://github.com/Kukanani/vision_msgs_proposal/pull/5); everyone, please feel free to contribute to that discussion.

The pose (in the current proposal) is actually meant to have an orientation; otherwise we shouldn't be using a Pose2D but a point, as you say. I'm unsure whether it's a good or a bad idea to have rotated bounding boxes and subpixel (float) resolution, see the discussion in the PR. Please chime in.

[quote="andreucm, post:27, topic:1819"]
Lack of Services

* Think about if it could be useful to add some services in the package, mainly based on the proposed messages. Thus, allowing detectors to work in a client-server mode, with customizable requests.


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