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Dave Kotfis ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 16:21:52 UTC 2017

I'm looking to start a SIG for developers working with Humanoids in ROS. Each year we have more humanoids available in both Gazebo and commercial platforms, but we still don't have a widely adopted framework like MoveIt or Navigation.

Some of the needs include:
 - ROS Control hardware interfaces for more humanoid platforms
 - Balancing and walking controllers for position and torque controlled robots (in ROS Control)
 - Footstep odometry
 - Terrain mapping
 - Efficient tree-based IK with flexible constraint types
 - Footstep and multi-contact planning / re-planning

Are others interested in working with me on this? If so, lets make ROSCon 2017 a starting point.

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