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Mathieu Lauret ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 18:51:24 UTC 2017

Hello ROS Users,

I have a small idea in mind, a rosbag sharing place.

At work, we always have a problem with choosing hardware and always save .bag for Proof of Concept development and demonstration of algorithm.
I think being able to grab .bag from hardware we don't own to test it or experiment with other test environment or use it to create easy tutorial is pretty cool.

But this idea can be achieved only if people share it :)

I wanted to know your thought : 
 1. Is a rosbag sharing place a good idea ?
 2. Will you take/share .bag ?
 3. Do you see any problem with sharing .bag ?
 4. Do you know a good way to upload and share .bag (since they can be very large) ?

This place can be the ros wiki, a github org, etc. as long as the community can be involved.

Thanks for you time,
Best regards,

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