[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Jobs] Seeking Engineers for UAV Autonomy in Underground Mines and Dark, Extreme Environments

Ahmed AlNomany ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 00:36:46 UTC 2017

Inkonova (www.inkonova.se) is a Stockholm-based startup developing drone solutions for underground mines and similar extreme environments. Our 'TILT Ranger' flies, roll and climbs into inaccessible zones within such environments to scan it or otherwise engage with it. 

We aim to automate our drones in these zones, where there is no GPS, light, structured spaces, beacons or any infrastructure. This is further compounded by the rough terrain, dust-, smoke-, and fog-ridden air, and unconventional geometries of these zones.

The problem has two main parts, the localization and sensory development are one, and flight control and navigation development is the other. Inkonova has been conducting R&D for almost one year now towards a solution, multiple sensory, localization, integration and control schemes have been tested. 

We are looking for engineers and co-heads for this endeavor that is expected to revolutionize the scalability of aerial robotics by pushing its access to deep untouched zones, and furthermore by making the its operations easy enough to be used in many industries.  

For more info contact CEO Ahmed AlNomany at ahmed at inkonova.se

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