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Jay Newman ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 19:23:50 UTC 2017

I would like to use my upcoming Waffle as a part-time telepresence robot, controlled over the internet. This is specifically so that a housebound friend of mine can go to a science fiction convention. This couldn't just be a standard remote-controlled robot-with-a-camera and face. Science fiction cons are usually extremely busy and even real people have problems not running into other people, especially in the dealer's rooms.

The Waffle would be modified with a few more avoidance sensors and a tall head. This should make it approximately 3.5-4 feet tall.

I am assuming that the avoidance routines would have to be done on-robot and that my friend would be able to "steer" the Waffle with a goal and the Waffle would choose how to implement this goal.

I'd use a larger lithium battery so that it could last at least an afternoon or day.

It would go along with me (or I along with it) so that it wouldn't get "lost."

I'm also assuming that I might have to run the Internet off of a cell phone rather than wifi so that it might have lower bandwidth and higher latency than normal.

Has anybody made a telepresence robot specifically for these conditions?

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