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Nikolaus Demmel ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 11:31:54 UTC 2017

[quote="lmathieu, post:12, topic:1956"]
OSF have a cool API for uploading, so a MARV server can act as a proxy to take bag, analyze it, then upload it to OSF and keep only the download link (so all data will be on OSF, the server will only keep the metadata, and the server will throttle upload to OSF to avoid sending too much data).

I will continue to play a bit with Marv and OSF API. I will fork MARV someday to connect it to OSF and correct some bug, so everyone interested can participate.

Cool, awesome for getting starting. Your proposal might actually be a good solution, using OSF for long-term storage, but processing the data first on the server where MARV is running. We might need apply some smaller patches to make that work with MARV, but it should not be a big deal.

Most of the issues with MARV are know problems of the current Beta community edition and are already addressed with the more recent developments. The cool thing about MARV is that it is quite flexible, i.e. if we need a new property such as "category", that can be easily added (even though, I'm not sure if that is not already covered better with tags...). Things like video is already there, and some more visualizations like a trajectory player, also embedded in a map viewer for things like NavSatFix.

Rather than forking, we should work with Ternaris (MARV developers) to make sure we don't duplicate efforts and can directly benefit from future updates, so don't put too much effort in that just yet. I will talk to them in how far they want to support this idea.

[quote="lucasw, post:11, topic:1956"]
It would be great if every visual sensor could also have a link to a video (e.g. on youtube, though again issues with links going dead later if someone takes their youtube page down) that shows off the entirety of what is in the bag so it can be quickly previewed without downloading gigabytes and incurring bandwidth costs.

Well that is exactly the kind of thing that MARV is designed to do for you.

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