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Jay Newman ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 08:56:55 UTC 2017

Thank you for the suggestion.

I've looked at Carrier and it doesn't seem to have the sensors that I need. It needs the capability of traveling on uneven floors as well as perhaps some grassy areas.

Maybe a combination of Carrier and Monster. It must be extremely stable because I'm sure it will be bumped a lot in a crowd. Think of any kind of crowded situation where there are small tables and thin maze-like passageways. That is an SF con's dealer rooms.

And to make human recognition more difficult, many of the people will be in costume and there will be other robots there.

Part of the reason for the head is that I can put additional sensors there to locate things that a floor-level sensor would miss. The other reason is so that people will think of this device as a person. Another reason is so that the human on the other end of the link can see through the camera on the head.

I might need to plan on making the head a variable distance high. For portability, it might need to be short, but for telepresence, it might need to be tall. I'll have to see if the camera I've ordered can see in a wide enough field of vision or I might need to make the head more complex than I'd like for now.

Just thinking out loud.

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