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Tue Jun 27 16:09:40 UTC 2017

Glad you asked that!

Ambassadors will not have to sell anything. This is not a series of MeetUps to sell ROS courses. It is a series of MeetUps to teach ROS. 
Of course, to teach the lessons, Ambassadors and attendants will be using the [Robot Ignite Academy](http://robotignite.academy) since it is the only tool available that allows to do such an event on the spot, and because we are the sponsors of the event and we want people to know about our excellent product.

That is the exact procedure we have followed in [previous MeetUps](https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-GLGBcAgn/).

As an Ambassador, they will have to hold a MeetUp. That is an informal meeting of people with shared interest about learning or teaching ROS fast. On basic ROS MeetUps, Ambassadors will have to give a practical talk (like a class) about how ROS works, what are the main points to learn, and they will learn the first subject (how to work with topics). Other more advanced MeetUps concentrate on teaching superior subjects like [OpenAI with ROS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9FpZ1QQqcc), [Autonomous Cars with ROS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbimBoI42AM) or How to Build the URDF of Your Robot (in preparation).

Related to what the Ambassadors will get:

1. They will learn ROS. A lot! : In order to do the MeetUps they will have to become experts in ROS. For that, they will have free access to our Academy as well as access to our team for support.

1. They will have training on how to hold a teaching event (and a lot of practise!)

1. They will be part of our team.

Just to add something more on that, [our next MeetUp will be about ROS-Industrial 101](https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-GLGBcAgn/events/240959477/) and will be broadcasted online in real time, if anyone wants to check.

[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/call-for-ros-ambassadors/2056/3) or reply to this email to respond.

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