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knxa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 08:59:58 UTC 2017

ROS newbee here, just went through the basic tutorials.

I want to use ROS for a machine which is very simple with respect to robot complexity.
The world of the machine is a closed, welldefined world, with no unknown objects, all motion paths are fixed.
I don't need features like dynamic navigation, collision scanning, object recognition.

I simply need to be able to define and control various sequences of hardware interaction, like
 * read sensor A
 * then in parallel move motor B (distance x2, velocity v2) and motor C (distance x2, velocity v2)
 * if P then ...

I would like to be able to build various subtask like the above and combine them to more complex tasks.
I imagine that it will be nice to define the machine with urdf and have a visualization of what is going on.

Which ROS concepts or packages will fit my purpose?
The "moveit" seems like the most used ROS robot control approach but is this of less value for my need? 
Will SMACH/ActionLib be a better choice?

I will appreciate any recommendation on projects or tutorials to have a look on, projects that are "generic-machine"-like and less "navigating-robot"-like.


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